"I don't want a C-Section."  -  "Why is breastfeeding so hard?"      "I have a beautiful new baby. Why am I depressed?"

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You are not alone! 

Research shows adequate prenatal education and hiring experienced help in the first weeks at home:



  • Significantly decreases risk of surgical birth
  • Increases breastfeeding success and comfort
  • Significantly decreases risk of postpartum depression

A la carte Packages

  • Basic Training - Childbirth Education One Day Class - $150
      • Come together with other pregnant couples and get lifelong friendships and support
      • Receive education to empower you to make your pregnancy, birth, and homecoming decisions with confidence
  • 10 Week/Session Comprehensive $350
  • Comfort Measures Workshop - $100
  • Homecoming: Life with a New Recruit Workshop - $100
  • Ultimate MRE - $50 - online breastfeeding class taught by IBCLC
  • Postpartum Doula - $50 per visit (avg 2 hour session)
    • Most cultures revere the first few weeks as a sacred time and for good reason. It is a critical time for healing, bonding, and nurturing yourself and your brand new baby. Mothering the mother is the cultural norm in most countries... assisting in breastfeeding, meal prep, comfort and rest. Hiring a postpartum doula can make this time among the best moments of your life.
    • Benkung Belly Binding - add $75 to a PP home visit
      • Learn the art of Benkung Belly binding and speed comfort, healing, and shrinking the "baby pooch"


Package 1 - $300 - Postpartum Doula & Basic Training Class

  • Supporting Arms - 27 page full-color book for amazing pregnancy and birth
  • Basic Training Class - Private session for you, your partner, and one support person to get hands-on training to transform them into your amazing birthing team. Learn what your partner's role is, become an expert in relaxation and pain relief techniques to make your birth an empowering and intimate time
  • Phone Support - Doula available to answer all your questions during your pregnancy through 6 weeks after you deliver
  • 2 Postpartum Home Visits - Doula care for Mom's physical and emotional needs, assistance with breastfeeding, babywearing, nutritious meal prep assistance, creating a home sanctuary, family dynamics, community resources, and support groups


Package 2 - $500 - PP Doula,  Basic Training & Homecoming & Belly Binding Session 

  • Package 1 Plus...
  • Homecoming Workshop
  • Prepare for the "4th Trimester" -Prenatal visit to make your Birth Plan and design your postpartum sanctuary and routine
        • Benkung Belly Binding Session - during your postpartum home visits includes a healing/firming cream that also supports hormone regulation


Package 3 - $1250 - Labor & PP Doula, Basic Training Class

  • Everything in Package 2
  • Labor Doula - a professional experienced doula will attend your birth working you through comfort measures, relaxation techniques, pampering you and your partner to help you experience an amazing birth and postpartum time


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